5 Tips for Buying Carton Sealing Tape in Wholesale

5 Tips for Buying Carton Sealing Tape in Wholesale

If you own wholesale or retail business, then the importance of carton sealing tape must be well-known to you. Carton sealing tape, also known as box sealing tape is a pressure-sensitive adhesive packaging tape

that possesses immense value to the manufacturing business owners. To choose the right adhesive tapes, you need to ensure whether they fulfill your requirements or not. You’ll find numerous vendors of the packaging and shipping supplies in the US, but Bags Direct USA provides you the top quality supplies at highly affordable rates.

To avail extensive utilization of the packaging tapes, Bags Direct USA brings you 5 tips to consider before you buy the carton sealing tapes.

Check the thickness of the carton sealing tape

Every business and every industry has varying requirements for the thickness of the adhesive tapes. You need to check which packaging tape suits your requirement.

Generally, the box sealing tapes are available in 1.6 to 1.9 mil thicknesses (1 mil = 0.254mm). But the most commonly and extensively used thickness is 1.8 mil (0.45mm).

At Bags Direct USA, 1.8 mil brown and clear packing tapes are readily available in large quantities at affordable rates

Therefore, the next time you buy the carton box tape, choose the perfect thickness from Bags Direct USA.

The width of the carton box tape

The carton box tapes are available in 48mm width (approx. 2 inches) and 72mm width (approx. 3 inches. The 3-inch width offers more strength and grip than the 2-inch packaging tape.

Here you need to decide what strength of tape your shipment requires. The 3-inch tape is expensive than the 2-inch clear or tan tape.

Therefore, if your shipment does not contain hefty carton boxes, then you must go for the 2-inch carton box tape.

Bags Direct USA offers both the widths at the most affordable rates. If you require larger quantities, then you must order from us to get the highest quality at the best rates.

Colored carton sealing tapes

The packaging tapes are available in tan (brown) and clear finish. If the color does not impact your shipping requirement, then you may ignore this point.

Both colors have the same properties and quality but the tan or brown shipping tapes are used when the vendors want somewhat opaque packaging.

On the contrary, clear packing tape provides transparent packaging which gives a bit stylish look to the shipment.

Whether you require tan or the clear tape, Bags Direct USA offers the highest quality in both colors at attractive rates.

The availability of custom-printing

Custom-printing on the clear industrial tapes greatly contributes to maximizing your reach. As brand awareness and recognition is important to be popular in the market, you must check the availability of the custom-printing option.

It gives an extremely fine appeal when your brand’s name is printed on the packaging supplies. So, before buying the clear industrial tape, ask for the custom-printing to create a strong brand identity in the market.

Check the properties that you require

Commonly, there are 4 types of box sealing tapes;

1- Acrylic water-based adhesive

2- Acrylic solvent-based adhesive

3- Hot melt rubber-based adhesive

4- Natural rubber-based adhesive

You need to examine the environment where you want to use these adhesive tapes. Some provide complete water resistance, some provide chemical resistance, and some are strong enough to bear extreme temperatures.

You may also get a professional’s advice from Bags Direct USA to make sure which one of the carton box tapes would be suitable for your shipment.

Planning to buy packaging and shipping supplies in wholesale leaves you in a complicated situation. Sometimes you are unable to decide which vendor to order from.

So, Bags Direct USA has come up with a befitting solution for your retail or wholesale business. Order clear or brown shipping tapes in large quantities from us to minimize your costs. The carton sealing tape dispenser further adds to your convenience while packing the shipment.

Keep these 5 tips in mind before buying the adhesive tapes, these will always help you in getting the best of what you require.

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