Top 5 Effective Uses of Plastic Shopping Bags

Top 5 Effective Uses of Plastic Shopping Bags

Have you ever pondered upon the multiple uses of plastic shopping bags? Though it’s not a reusable item, in certain situations it can provide matchless convenience and reusability. Plastic shopping bags .

are one the most extensively produced and sold items. They are an essential item for retail stores, hospitals, and now their usability in even our homes cannot be neglected.

Let’s throw some light on the most effective uses of plastic shopping bags that we can avail in our homes without spending a cent.

1 - Ran out of gloves? Why not use plastic shopping bags!

If you regularly work with oil or you have to deal with filth every alternate day, then you must be using gloves right? But what if the gloves fell short? 

Plastic shopping bags are unquestionably water and air resistant, you may utilize them until your new pack of gloves arrives. Wear them on your hands while working with oil or any other liquids, they will prevent any liquid from reaching your hands. You may also store any liquid for a while in plastic shopping bags if there is no container available around you. The liquid will not leak out until the bag is punctured. 

2 - Make any container air and water resistant!

Airtight containers are an amazing invention to preserve numerous items and preventing them from getting stale. But what will you do if there is no airtight container readily available? 

Plastic shopping bags are the solution! Place a plastic bag on the mouth of the container before putting on the cap, then tighten the cap with the plastic bag. This technique will surely prevent air, water, or any other pollutant from entering the container and will preserve the content within. 

This technique is specifically used for the liquids that get dried when exposed to air, for example, a paint container. The painters often use plastic shopping bags to place them before fixing the lid so that the dried paint on the lid does not fall in the paint.

 3 - A substitute for trash can liner

Trash can liners are somewhat an essential item in the US. To cut the cost of buying bundles of liners, the plastic shopping bags can be used as substitutes. Plastic shopping bags are the best medium for keeping garbage, they do not get torn easily, they do not get leaked, and can easily be carried away by the handles without the hands getting dirtied. Being water resistant, the plastic shopping bags would not let the garbage stink in case if it rains, as it would not allow water to enter the bag.

In addition, the opaque plastic bags do not allow others to get an idea that you are carrying garbage, so the sophistication is also maintained.

 4 - Carry them for any unforeseen emergencies

One of the amazing elements of plastic shopping bags is that they can be folded to the extent that they can become pint-sized. You may put them in your pocket, purse, or wherever you feel comfortable, and can use them in case of an emergency. Some people start to feel nausea while traveling, in that case, plastic shopping bags would be the best partners. You may use them so that you don’t feel embarrassed in front of anyone.

Similarly, while traveling, if you have a wet or dirty cloth and there is no way to dispose of it, then you may pull out the folded bag and keep the dirty cloth in it. Later, when you find any trash can, you may dispose of it there.

 5 - Plastic shopping bags vs. paper shopping bags

It’s human nature to compare the products of a similar nature, and we often witness that paper bags stand closest in competition with the plastic shopping bags. Let’s dig an inch deeper to find out who really wins.

  • Handling – even a minor can identify which of the bags has the most convenient handling. Plastic shopping bags have no rival when it comes to safe and convenient handling, their handles provide additional ease to the consumer which the paper bags do not. So, plus 1 point to plastic bags for handling.

  • Price – if we compare the price of typical plastic shopping bags with the customary paper bags, we would realize that paper bags are more expensive than the plastic ones. The price of plastic bags is so trivial that no one minds wasting 2 or 3 of them without any reason. Again, plus 1 to plastic bags for the price.

  • Customization – when it comes to customization, both the bags allow the retailers to enjoy the feature to the same degree. Both of the bags can be customized according to the requirement of the user. So, the game stays neutral here.

  • Structure – well, paper bags have a relatively solid and rigid structure than the plastic shopping bags, and hence prove to be fall-free bags. So, the paper bags take the charge here.

  • Reusability – paper bags are not at all reusable. Particularly, if you carry cold or wet items in them, they would instantly become useless. However, plastic shopping bags can be reused twice or thrice, depending upon the items carried in them. So, the plastic bags get a plus 1 for reusability

Concluding with these results, the plastic shopping bags have the lead. Therefore, plastic bags are more effective and useful items under the umbrella of shopping bags.

 Benefits to the retailers

Adding to the effective uses, the plastic shopping bags provide with innumerable benefits to the retailers as compared to other bags.

  • Cost effective – plastic shopping bags are the most economical bags, therefore, they are an indispensable store supply for all the retailers. The cost-effectiveness is their most attractive feature due to which they are valued by the retailers.

  • Convenient packaging – at the rush hours, the storekeepers find plastic shopping bags more convenient than the paper bags. It is easy to open and keep items in plastic bags relatively in paper bags.

  • Less voluminous and lightweight – plastic shopping bags occupy less space than other bags and mishandling would not cause any damage to them. They are the lightest in weight, therefore, a bunch of them can be easily carried by the retailers as well as by the consumers.

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