Extremely Important Shipping Supplies for Your Business

Extremely Important Shipping Supplies for Your Business

Does your business take care of the packaging and shipping needs of the clients? Then you must explore the most important shipping supplies to enhance your customers' satisfaction and to make success evident for you.

Does your client expect you to deliver damaged consignment? What steps do you take to ensure the safety of your shipment? Do you opt for quality shipping supplies or you just compromise on your clients?

This bundle of questions evidently point out the importance of shipping supplies for any business. Shipping supplies are the most decisive factor in customer retention, after the quality of the product. Customers promptly form their perception about the product, its quality, and even about the business just after looking at the packaging.

There is a wide range of shipment accessories available in the market like Poly Mailers, Stretch Films, Sealing Tapes, and Twist Ties etc. To provide your clients with added experience, you must pay attention and choose your shipping supplies wisely.

Few of the most important shipping supplies are;

1 - Packing/sealing tape

If you frequently dispatch cartons and boxes and you want to ensure their privacy, rigidity, and safety, then these sealing tapes are the shipping supplies that would be the best fit for you. These heavy-duty tapes instantly stick to the box and their remarkable holding strength does not allow the box to open or loosen up when being shipped. In addition, the packing tapes are water resistant, durable, and cannot be torn easily.

2 - Shipping box

One of the most important and most consumed shipping supplies is shipping boxes/cartons. Whether your business supplies small daily use products or immovable heavy items, these boxes will sufficiently cater to the shipping requirements. Shipping boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes – tall, flat, wide, square, and rectangular etc. Customization is also an option available in shipping boxes. You may also ask your supplier to add compartments, foam sheets, or thermopore sheets if you want to pack fragile items.

3 - Poly mailer

Another important item among the shipping supplies is the poly mailer. Poly mailers are dedicated to the packing of documents, clothes, and other non-fragile items. They are made from high-density plastic which makes them strong and durable. They are not easily torn and become water and air resistant when they are sealed. Being light-weight and heavy-duty are two of the prominent benefits that poly mailers provide to the businesses. They reduce considerable shipment cost because of the fact that they are light-weight and acquire less space. Poly mailers can also be custom-printed adding uniqueness, class, and sophistication to the business.

4 - Bubble mailer

Providing ultimate protection and safety to your parcels, bubble mailers contain a bubble wrap within the mailer safeguard your shipment. Bubble mailers are widely used as shipping supplies as they can guard fragile items as well, unlike ordinary poly mailers. These mailers are extremely durable, water-resistant, heavy-duty, and light-weight. As they contain air bubbles within the envelope, they are shock resistant and maintain the structure and shape of the parcel during shipment. Bubble mailers are available in a variety of sizes, and also allow custom printing.

5 - Stretch wrap

Stretch wraps are another amazing addition to the shipping supplies which are highly stretchable plastic films made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE). They are specifically used to keep the items tightly bound and protect the fragile items while shipping. There is a wide range of stretch wraps that come in a variety of width and thickness. These are the best shipping supplies for you if your shipment contains sharp or edgy products or parts of machinery. Stretch wraps greatly contribute to preventing worker injuries while loading and unloading the consignments.

6 - Padded envelope

Perfect shipping supplies to transport delicate items like CDs, DVDs, documents, photographs, even jewelry, and cosmetics. Padded envelopes are stuffed with paperboard or fiberboard to ensure stiffness and rigidity of the parcel. They can also handle fragile items and are somewhat shock resistant. Padded envelopes light-weight, acquire less space, and are available in a variety of sizes to fit your shipment.

Shipping supplies and e-commerce

With the revolution of e-commerce, the consumption of shipping supplies is extensively heightened. One of the major elements that contribute to successful e-retailing is the safe and sound delivery of parcels. The trust of the customer and image of your business would immediately shatter if the parcel gets damaged of loses its structure in the shipping.

E-retailers often neglect the importance of packaging and select wrong shipping supplies, due to which they lose a good number of potential customers. You never know which point or gestures hit the customers, therefore, pay diligent attention to every aspect. Provide your customers with a jaw-dropping experience and consider the following points before dispatching your next shipment.

1 - The right choice of shipping supplies

Shipping supplies are no more just the means of transporting goods, the time has changed. Businesses set their image and perception through shipping supplies as packaging has become a judgment criterion for the standard and quality of the products. Therefore, consider the weight, state, and fragility of the order before making a choice of packaging. Keep a balance between the prices, neither choose too pricey shipping supplies nor go for the cheapest one that compromises on quality. Have a market research on what packaging is offered by your competitor, try to offer better than that.

2 - Maintain standards

The color schemes and designs speak for your business. Especially when you are in the e-commerce industry, you need to be a brand to be successful. Get your packaging supplies customized, maintain the color schemes, and get your logo printed on the supplies. This will establish an indelible experience among customers, and when supported with high-quality products, the customer retention would also become easy for your business.

3 - The value addition

Be creative, think out of the box while selecting the shipping supplies. Try to incorporate exquisite packaging, particularly if you deal in luxurious items like jewelry and cosmetics. This adds value to the products and significantly escalates your brand image. Go an extra mile and hunt for the cost-effective shipping supplies that are not offered by others. Cushioned packaging adds a ritzy element to the parcel, never neglect it when delivering breakable items. This will give your business a competitive edge over others.

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