How Amazon and giant retailers will change in 10 years

How Amazon and giant retailers will change in 10 years

In 10 years most businesses, like Amazon that already runs on smart machinery, will raise unemployment and increase poverty around America, and maybe around the world. Can you imagine being inside a store and it running by itself

with no managers or people to run it?. Well it has already started. Amazon provides their own stores with everyday consumer goods that people love such as groceries, electronics, and pretty much what you can think of. This may soon occur to other major retailers like Walmart, Targets, and even Krogers. You first start off with self-checkouts and then end with later having no staff at all to run the stores. The benefit that it does give off is making manual labor insignificant and hiring technician to keep maintenance on such machinery.

The problem with this is that most people need to either be trained or receive a college diploma to even work on such machinery. In 10 years it is more likely that smaller retails stores will shut down due to demands on cheaper goods that most retail stores cannot compete with. Increasing once again the unemployment.

We should be moving towards what the people want by inclusive growth. Why should the fruits of business only apply to the owner and not the individual. That is what people the customer is leaning closer to than any other factor. We add pick up in stores, availability, or even shipping to our website for the consumer. These are the amenities that people want and need. As a country and businesses are starting to lean more towards this type of gain because the grand statement in business is the customer is always right.

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