Is It Safe to Store Food in Grocery Bags?

Is It Safe to Store Food in Grocery Bags?

A large number of environment-conscious consumers around the world are being vocal in favor of the usage of reusable grocery shopping bags instead of plastic bags.

Do they really consider the aftermaths? Is it really safe to store food in grocery bags?

Well, it’s absolutely not!

Though the use of plastic bags harms the environment, the use of grocery bags to store food is extremely unhealthy and unhygienic.

Grocery tote bags are made from a variety of materials ranging from cotton to woven synthetics. They indeed provide absolute ease of handling and they are washable, but when it comes to storing edible items, the reusable grocery bags are not a healthy option.

Health hazards triggered by the grocery bags

There are several risks of using grocery bags for food items. Some of them are explained below;

1-      They attract dirt and dust due to which the edible items no longer stay hygienic.


2-      Grocery bags are not fully concealed as other retail shopping bags. they let the air pass through them due to which the bacteria in the environment get to the food items more easily


3-      They provide a favorable breeding ground to bacteria which can grow and multiply in the bags and will continue to contaminate the items until they are completely washed and sanitized


4-      When they get damp, they take time to dry. This again attracts the bacteria and put your health at significant risk

Besides, the grocery bags price in USA is more than double of what a typical plastic bag costs. This is not particularly a health risk but a disadvantage that reusable bags bring along.

Now, it’s your choice to decide whether it is safe to store food items in grocery bags or not.

There are other several retail shopping bags that can be used in place of reusable bags – plastic T-shirt bags and Kraft paper bags are two of the most common ones that are handy and convenient.

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Grocery shopping bags handling tips:

Wash the bags frequently

9 out of 10 reusable bags are made of cloth or some other sort of fabric. The only way to keep them fresh and hygienic is to wash them frequently so the bacterial elements do not stay there for long.

Make sure you completely dry them before bringing them into use.

Use separate bags for different items

If you can’t let go of the use of grocery tote bags, then you must buy a variety of them so that you just don’t stuff one bag with everything.

Suppose you bought meat, vegetables, fruits, and some frozen items. You should have a separate bag for each category of products so the essence of each product stays alive.

Don’t leave the items in the bag for too long

Keeping your food in the bag for a long time increases the risk of contamination, especially, if any of the items releases moisture.

Therefore, always buy food items in the last when you’re about to leave the store. Further, unpack the edible items first when you reach back home. In this way, the food items will stay in the bag for a minimum time

Never use grocery bags for other purposes

It’s a general practice that if we have a large grocery bag, we use it for other purposes as well.

For example, sometimes we keep clothes, shoes, documents, or even tools and equipment in the grocery bags. This is absolutely harmful because this stuff bring dirt and bacteria with them which may later affect the food items that you would store in the same bag

Hence, it’s not safe to store food in grocery shopping bags for the reasons mentioned above. You can use reusable bags for other items but for the edibles, grocery bags are not a favorable choice.

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