Find out How Many of these Jewelry Boxes are perfect for you

Find out How Many of these Jewelry Boxes are perfect for you

It’s an art to make a perfect choice of jewelry boxes and cases for every item that’s in your closet. It’s a sort of an addiction to keep the jewelry in immaculate condition, for which, numerous jewelry boxes are up for sale in the market.

Hundreds of boxes of various sizes, capacities, and colors are now available in the market. Whether your collections consist of hefty sorts of jewelry or you are a miniature-enthusiast, you’ll get to choose the befitting one from a variety of jewelry boxes.

 If you run a jewelry store or a gift shop, then the following information regarding jewelry boxes would be of utmost importance to you. Knowing your customers’ preferences builds a better acceptance of your in-store products for the customers.

 Here are few of the widely known jewelry boxes available in the market;

 1 - Customary jewelry boxes

Not designated for any specific type of jewelry, these are the most common jewelry boxes that are used to keep multiple-sized jewelry and are readily kept on the dressers. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and designs and often have trays or drawers, and a few compartments to keep the jewelry in an organized manner. The designs of these boxes allow you to choose the best one for you. If you have a collection of bulky jewelry, then choose the ones with few or no trays, if you own dinky jewelry – bracelets and ring, then choose the jewelry boxes with dedicated trays and ring holders.

 2 - Jewelry chests

Not preferred for small and medium-sized jewelry, these jewelry boxes are perfect to keep bridal and wedding wear jewelry sets. Their hinged lids often have mirrors, they are the most capacious ones and have minimum compartments. These jewelry boxes are not easy-to-carry as they store voluminous sets are normally are not used to keep rings, watches, thin bracelets, and necklaces. These chests are also used to decorate lounges and homes as the appearance of most of them depicts an antique feel.

 3 - Jewelry armoires

These jewelry boxes, as the name interprets, have a structure resembling the typical armoires with doors and drawers. They are used to keep extensive jewelry collection as they provide with remarkable capacity and numerous compartments. The jewelry armoires have lids on the sides in which you may hang your necklaces and lockets. On the front, they have plenty of drawers with varying sizes and few drawers with compartments installed in them. Maintaining the condition of jewelry is the priority, therefore the drawers are padded to keep the contents scratch-free. Usually made of wood, these jewelry boxes are often placed on the floor and their sizes may go beyond 3 feet in height.

 4 - Travelling jewelry boxes

If you are a regular traveler and you consider your attire incomplete without putting on jewelry, then these travel jewelry boxes are the best fit for you. These boxes are usually used to store only casual wear jewelry. Providing limited capacity, these boxes allow you to keep relevant items only. These jewelry boxes do not come in large sizes and usually are not equipped with a mirror. If a mirror is a necessity for you, then you would have to spare a good-deal search for the one with mirror installed in it or you may carry a portable mirror in your bag. They come in a varied range of colors, designs, and materials, and are usually light-weight for convenient traveling.

 5 - Musical jewelry boxes

Adding glamour to your dressers, these jewelry boxes also serve as a decorative item in bedrooms. They come in a variety of colors, designs, styles, and sizes but most of them are small and medium-sized. Musical jewelry boxes incorporate padded trays and compartments for rings, earrings, and watches, and are used to keep pint-sized jewelry items. These boxes are not as sturdy as other ones because of the material from which they are made.

 One of the amazing features, due to which these boxes are termed as musical jewelry boxes, is that the box plays music when the lid opens. Some of them also include a figurine which spins as the music plays.

6 - Ring boxes

These jewelry boxes are dedicated to keeping rings only. They are slim, light-weight, and have multiple padded rows in which rings can be fixed. Ring boxes are an ultimate protection for rings, the foam and fabric laid in the boxes protect rings from scratches and clean them while the rings are inserted or pulled out. Once the rings are fixed, they cannot move even if the box falls to the ground. If you have a wide range of rings in your collection, then the ring box is the perfect option for you.

7 - Watch boxes

A wrist-watch is an essential part of the dressing, it is a style statement and speaks for your personality. Normally the men’s item, watch boxes are the perfect partners to ensure safekeeping, protection, and dust-resistance for your watches. They come in multiples sizes, allowing you to keep as few as 2 and as many as dozens of watches. A smooth fabric is laid in the inner of the box to keep the watches scratch-free, and the lid is often transparent to have a view of your collection.

8 - Valet boxes

Finally, something for men is available for the safekeeping of their accessories. Valet boxes are the jewelry boxes for men and are used to store various items. Men do not wear earrings or bracelets, therefore, they keep tiny valuables, which can easily be misplaced, in valet boxes. Watches, cufflinks, rings, keys, USB flash drives, memory cards, and whatever they consider valuable. Valet boxes have compartments, and the outer of the boxes are covered with leather to give a manly look. You may keep a valet box in your car as well so that the items required while traveling are readily available in front of you. These boxes may also be used to keep ID card, license, or even coins so they do not get lost.

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